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From Bondage To Freedom …
“Historians who deal with the rise and culmination of the anti-slavery movement in the United States have comparatively little to say of one phase of it that cannot be neglected if the movement is to be fully understood. This is the so-called Underground Railroad, which, during fifty years or more, was secretly engaged in helping fugitive slaves to reach places of security in the free states and in Canada”.
– Wilbur Henry Siebert, The Underground Railroad From Slavery to Freedom, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1898.

Due to illness, this site is no longer being actively updated but will remain online for reference purposes.  The sister-site, earlyblues.org, will continue to be updated periodically.  Thanks to everybody for your support and interest over many years.  I’ve met so many wonderful people through music and my websites and I hope you’ve found this one to be useful and interesting.

Alan White, November 2022

Many books, essays, articles and documentaries on the anti-slavery Underground Railroad movement have been published since the time of Siebert’s work, but here is something new.  Introducing ‘Undergroundrailroad.org.uk’, the sister website to ‘Earlyblues.com‘ and ‘Earlygospel.com‘, being a personal insight into the Underground Railroad movement during American slavery times, incorporating a collection of references to seminal works together with personal material and research.

The website includes the origins of the underground railroad, a chronology of key dates and significant events, influential people, locations and associated events, themes, essays and articles specialising in the underground railroad, current and future research projects, a bibliography of key reference literature, a discography including key recordings, and Internet website references. Additional materials including images, maps, plans and diagrams are included whenever appropriate, subject to the necessary permissions being granted for on-line publication.

As this website is being developed over time, please be patient if the reference you are looking for is in the ‘Coming Soon’ category.

If you have any comments, contributions (information/articles/essays) or any other queries, please email me, Alan White at alan.white@undergroundrailroad.org.uk .

Thanks to my wife Christine and my good friend blues/gospel historian Max Haymes for their encouragement and support in developing this website.

For the record: this is an on-line educational information resource website and no content may be copied for commercial use (see our copyright notice).
If in doubt, email me – alan.white@undergroundrailroad.org.uk .

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