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Essays and Articles specialising in early gospel music 

These essays and articles were mainly written by enthusiasts of gospel music as amateur writers. All essays are copyright of the authors. Please do not reproduce or distribute them without their prior knowledge and permission. They are provided here for educational use only.



Roots of Blind Willie Johnson - by Max Haymes

..... there were indeed quite substantial number of songs and artists who influenced the Texas bottleneck guitar ace, forming an important factor in the roots of Blind Willie Johnson.


Fatted Calf's Blues - The First Golden Age
(African American Gospel & Sacred Songs : 1902-1942)

 - by Max Haymes

... Amongst the plethora of early gospel recordings available to us, there are some of the ordinary, forgettable even - BUT there is also a whole body of music which is as intensely felt, emotionally sung, and sometimes as beautiful and ethereal a quality as the finest of not only the post-war gospel but also the cream of the early blues. 

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